Wednesday, 16 September 2020

colour block fashion

Hyii peeps..
Today I just want ot share my colour block style..It's simple but I think is a cool kids..haha..okay just kidding...
Statement blazer: vintage brought at Japan shop
Skirt: @penyakut.women 
T-shirt: mango
Shoe: primaverashoe 

Oufit detail:
Statement blazer: vintage shop
T-shirt: vintage shop
Skirt: my old skirt(ciffon skirt)
I love so much my sun glasses is very cheap and most importantly looks bought RM25 only....I think it's well worth it...and off coz I love to wear statement blazer too..anyone will love to wear a blazer..Again it has an interesting pattern and color. I am very thankful now that it is not difficult for me to get an interesting statement blazer.

do you want some coffe..I want to make a delicious cup of coffee for you..are you willing gais ?..owh okay thank you..maybe next time..haha..I love a combination blue and yellow..What you think? 

Statement blazer: vintage shop
T-shirt: vintage shop
Skirt: button skirt in yellow colour
My dreaming color will always be colourful..I think colour block is suitable for every era and over time...

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