Sunday, 12 July 2020

Korean food weekend

Hyii peeps

Today is Sunday ,I weakup so early coz I'm  very excited to go out to the supermarket and spend time with my beloved children and husband..
My  husband wants to eat Korean food. I said  can my love everything for you..

We just oder to eat this Korean food because someone cooked it for us ..teheeee..Bestnya kalau ada orang masak macam ni hari-hari..hehe..I mean who cooks right in front of our faces ..hehe..

After eating we go to Plaza Merdeka and take a photo..Look at Si rambut Lebat..She's good at styling in front of the camera right now..haha..nak lawan mama nampaknya...hurmmm dah besar anak dara sorang fast nampaknya...
my blazer and skirt from vintage

Owh my si rambut Lebat..she has grown up beautifully lately. The longer I get the more stylish my daughter is..Bersyukurlah ada papa yang suka melayan dan ambil gambar..hehe..

All photo take by @Sazel Aspihan...

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